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Purelink 5.8 GHz DSRC product makes a smarter highway

The toll road generates revenue to maintain roads. Purelink introduced the most reliable and least expensive 5.8 GHz DRSC toll modules to speed up the toll. As low as $ 25 USD with a battery life of 5 years, the toll module is simply a revolution in the market.

Manual toll collection slows down and disrupts the traffic flow. Electronic Toll Collection systems based on Purelink 5.8 GHz DSRC products facilitate payment processing and maintain traffic flow. Low cost on-board vehicle unit, slim form factor and long battery life reduces processing times.

Driving operating cost lower with Purelink innovative DRSC products

Purelink DSRC products enable fast reading of an on-board bi-directional module at speeds of 250 km/h. The on-board module transmits its unique identification code to a roadside data collection point. As roadside data collection units can operate in stand-alone mode, without any network infrastructure, installation can be executed in less than an hour, anywhere on the road side. Users equipped with the on-board unit simply access a non-stopping expressway entrance booth. Roadside units placed at expressway exits and junctions automatically track each vehicle route by sending to the on-board unit a unique identification code. At merger junctions and expressway exits, a dedicated roadside unit remotely relays commands to the on-board unit in each vehicle to transmit the list of encountered roadside units on its journey. Within milliseconds, the exit booth reconstructs the vehicle's path in the highway network. Whenever various highway portions, such as municipalities and provinces charge different fees, the system can automatically calculate the amount due based on network sections utilization.


Purelink electronic toll products can be easily integrated with existing infrastructures of the expressway. Purelink roadside units can handle thousands of vehicles per second. In addition, environmental data such as rain, snow, pavement conditions and other useful traffic information collected by roadside units can be transmitted remotely to a server via on board units. Purelink DRSC innovative technology is designed to significantly cut expressway operating costs.

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