long range active RFID for RTLS applications



Good practices in security, safety and logistic processes require knowing the location of people and equipment. Purelink RTLS products integrate the positions of people and equipment in location-aware applications. These geolocation applications trigger event-alarms before the incident occurred, automatically notifying when a particular situation is encountered with security, safety or a logistic process.

With Purelink RTLS products, you can build with ease, any security, safety or logistic application. Simply choose badges, tags or sensors and use one of the many features offered in BluefairyTM Software Suite to run your application. All configurations of the system are done graphically without any programming, which makes it easy to use and highly effective.


Safety Application
  • Location-based Code White for anti-aggression system
  • Implement nurse call and emergency assistance systems
  • Improve your emergency evacuation protocols with location information
  • Build mustering reports, headcount, last-know Location applications
  • Protect workers near dangerous equipment
  • Protect workers in hazardous production areas

RTLS for Personnel safety
Hospital | Industrial | Commercial
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Security Application
  • Control and monitor visitors in your facility
  • Detect unauthorized access to restricted zones
  • Protect equipment from theft
  • Integrate Individual-Centric Control System (ICCS) in your building to maximise your security
  • Implement location-based video surveillance application to get the maximum of your security system
  • Monitor personnel traffic in restricted areas automatically

RTLS for Event-centric Security
Airports | Governments | Strategic Sites
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Process Optimisation Application
  • Implement location-based mobile equipment management
  • Locate mobile medical equipment
  • Eliminate equipment search time
  • Automatically control equipment distribution
  • Increase equipment utilization rate
  • Reduce inventory cost
  • Reduce equipment lease
  • Improve employee satisfaction

Locate mobile biomedical equipment
Hospital | Industrial | Commercial
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Process Optimisation Application
  • Implement airport-wide location-based services.
  • Generate new revenues by sharing geolocation data of people and equipment to streamline processes.
  • Implement location-based equipment management
  • Build location-based cost containment application

Locate mobile equipment
Airports | Seaports | Commercial
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