rtls value creation



Mission, locate to simplify

Our mission is to develop products and software applications that, not only, meet our customers’ needs and expectations, but exceed them. Our customers appreciate the affordability of our solutions and the reliability and performance of our products.

Purelink is the only manufacturer of Real-Time Location Systems that produces active RFID badges and tags, location infrastructure (receivers) and a complete software suite to support any type of location-based application. One of the advantages for our customers is to have a single stop for both hardware and software and also to support for installation, configuration, maintenance and integration of their Purelink’s products with third-party systems.

Our innovation capability coupled with being an integrated manufacturer, gives us the ability to rapidly customize, when needed, each of our wireless equipment, embedded software and operating software systems to meet the particular need of a client.

We want to provide an exceptional value to each of our customers and allow them to maximize the efficiency of their business operations, to improve their safety and security. We are committed to offering our customers the fastest and the most important return on investment. Tell us about your challenge, put us to the test and we will surprise you!


We believe it is wise to always honour our responsibilities and to set then achieve goals of sustainable development. This reflects our corporate philosophy and core values that govern it: being innovative, dynamic, simple, honest and efficient. We strive to make a significant difference in our customers' lives by helping them increase their security, improve their safety and optimizing their logistic process.


Driven by both internal objectives and our customers' needs, we align the next generation of our equipment and software in a consolidated research and development program to serve future location-aware applications and to generate value for our clients.

We are pleased to help our customers and partners solve their problems. For us, creating value involves working hand in hand with each client to understand their specific needs and providing them with the best solution, with the highest reliability, while staying in budget schedule.


Purelink’s labs innovate and create new technologies that respond and exceed the immediate needs of our clients. Our R&D team relies on leading-edge expertise that sets us apart as a world leader in active RFID technologies, Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), advanced wireless technologies, wireless sensors networks and software. We set the standard for RTLS and Active RFID. Our products exceed any other RTLS product on the market in performance, price and quality. Visit our products section to learn more. Put us to the challenge today!