long range active RFID for RTLS


Purelink’s BluefairyTM Software solution

BluefairyTM Suite allows you to control your physical world by importing it into location-based applications. It can sound an alert before the accident, detect non-compliance to your site security policy and eliminate downtime in your logistics processes.

BluefairyTM Suite is a platform of seven software applications specifically designed for RTLS. With BluefairyTM Suite, you can create business rules for people and equipment, observe in real-time the location of people on a map, be alerted to their status, build reports and conduct audits. You can replay past trajectories of people and equipment to better capture how events occured. With BluefairyTM Client Suite the power to control your work environment id in your hands.

Whether to build a mobile equipment tracking application or a location-based anti-aggression system, using one or more features of the 5 software in BluefairyTM Client, you can easily build from the simplest to the most complex applications.

BluefairyTM Suite consists of three software groups:

This complete suite of 7 software applications provides everything you need to install, configure, monitor and manage your location-based applications.