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Purelink's Real-Time Location Technology is specifically designed to deliver high accuracy location and tracking in various applications. It exceeds any other competitor system on the market in functionality, price and quality. Adopted by small and large companies in more than 28 countries, Purelink's products are used every day in manufacturing and assembly plants, airports, mines, refineries, chemical plants, commercial and governmental offices and many other environments.

Purelink's badges, tags, receivers and software are designed to support safety and security applications as well as the most demanding logistics processes. Do as hundreds of our customers and choose Purelink. Trust a manufacturer with experience, focused on quality and customer satisfaction.

Our patented technology allows you to track and locate thousands of equipment, people and products in any environment, including the most challenging ones such as refineries, mines or oil platform. Put us to the challenge for your application. Visit our product section and see how to transform your problems into value-generating opportunities.

System description

Purelink’s location system can support three location services simultaneously:

  • Real-time location with ± 2 meter accuracy in tracking zones
  • Visibility or tracking by zone. The zones can vary in size and shape
  • Checkpoint or virtual barrier

A location cell consists of three or four receivers and can be installed in different types of environments. Any floor or parking area can be covered simply by deploying receivers. To facilitate the system deployment for your application, the location receivers are designed to use any available communication structure or network: Ethernet network, WiFi network, GPRS system, satellite or microwave link.

Once installed, the receivers process and route all communications from badges, tags and sensors to Bluefairy™ Computing Engine. The latter calculates, every second, the location of badges, tags and sensors according to the three location services configured in the system: real-time location, visibility and checkpoint. Once the computations are performed, Bluefairy™ Computing Engine Engine transmits location data to Bluefairy™ Server that will allow authorized users to build location-aware applications.

The technical specifications of the Purelink’s system are:

International radiofrequency regulation ISM/U-NII compliant
Temporal Resolution 3 ns
Average position accuracy on 2D map 2D ± 2 m
Maximal position accuracy on 2D map 2D ± 1.5 m
Location Algorithms TDOA, RSS, Fingerprint
Tag-receiver Communication 5.8 GHz
Signal band width one 802.11a channel
Processing capability 10 000 tags/s or 100 000 tags/site
System components
  • Badges/Tags/Sensors
  • Récepteurs
  • Bluefairy™ Suite:
    • Bluefairy™ Computing Engine
    • Bluefairy™ Server
    • Bluefairy™ Client (5 software)
Integration interface (API) 3 optional API

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The nanoEdgeTM badges

Badges and tags of the PLK-NT030 nanoEdgeTM series, associated with people or affixed on equipment, transmit their unique identifier on a secure communication channel at 5.8GHz. The transmitted data are received by location or visibility receivers.

With one transmission per second, Purelink’s badges and tags will support your application for five long years without interruption, without having to change battery. No direct maintenance cost, no need for charger!

Longer range, less infrastructure

The exceptional communication distance of Purelink’s badges and tags ensures superior signal quality and reduces the number of receivers to be installed for location-based applications. By installing a few receivers specially designed and dedicated to locate, equipment installation costs are significantly reduced. Purelink nanoEdgeTM badges and tags are designed for high location accuracy and fast position update time up to the second level. That means you can locate within +/-2m any person or equipment and get a location update every second.

One badge, four functions

Purelink's location badges offer advanced hybrid features. While providing location services, Purelink’s badges also provide access control functions. You can also have a panic button on the same location badge, in addition to access control.

These advanced features facilitate applications for security, safety and assistance to employees working in hazardous environments. Instead of having multiple cards, the employee has one card on which it is possible to print a photo ID, to unlock doors, to transmit distress calls and to be located to receive assistance faster. Only Purelink offers these windfall benefits

Badges and tags characteristics

Thickness 4.5 mm
Battery life 5 years at 1 transmission /s
Transmission power 12 dBm or 15 mW
Communication range 200 m (600 pi)
  • Emergency call button
  • Access control
  • Motion detection
Geolocation services Tracking, Visibility (zones), Checkpoint
Color White, Yellow, Orange, Blue

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Purelink receivers: Location and Visibility

Less dense infrastructure, more performance

Purelink receivers are the only infrastructure required for deploying high-accuracy location-aware applications and ultra-fast tracking capability. Their sensitivity allows them to cover vast indoor or outdoor areas in tracking or visibility mode. For example, only on receiver can effectively cover an area of 40 000 m2 (360 000 ft2) for your inventory control or fleet management application. This tremendous capacity means that for less than 9 000 $ you can acquire the entire infrastructure required to deploy an application to manage your equipment fleet.

The unmatched versatility of Purelink receivers also allows you to build checkpoints very effectively. Thus, on the same site, you can have applications with precise location of people or equipment in offices or production areas, zones in visibility mode such as hangars, parking, and checkpoint portals.

Dedicated equipment for a minimal investment

The Purelink receiver can communicate with any of the Purelink tags, badges or sensors. Receivers dedicated to location ensure that your data and voice infrastructure will never be affected by your RTLS. Only a few receivers are sufficient to cover a large area, therefore the investment in equipment is greatly limited. Visit the Build Your Application section to better understand the advantages of Purelink’s system.

Receiver characteristics

Outdoor Coverage 200m x 200m, 40 000m2 (656pi x 656pi, 430 336 pi2)
Indoor Coverage 80m x 80m, 6 400m2 (262pi x 262pi, 68 644 pi2)
Connexion Wi-Fi/Ethernet or other
Temporal synchronisation cable Not required
Power supply 110V/220V/POE Power over Ethernet
Processing capability 10 000 tags/s
Number of antennas per receiver 2 (provided)
Geolocation Services Tracking, Visibility (zones), Checkpoint
Color Black, Blue, White

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BluefairyTM Software Solution

BluefairyTM software suite is a set of seven software applications designed for real-time location. Observe in real-time the location of people on a map, check status, build reports, audit and review the positions of people and equipment. BluefairyTM Suite truly puts your work environment in your hand.

Using one or more functions of BluefairyTM management software, you can effortlessly create simple or more complex applications, from mobile equipment management to anti-aggression applications. Composed of three software groups, BluefairyTM Suite provides everything you need to install, configure, monitor and manage your real-time location applications.

BluefairyTM Computing Engine

BluefairyTM is the system core. Using data provided by the receivers, BluefairyTM Computing Engine performs millions of calculations required by the Time Difference Of Arrival (TDOA), Received Signal Strength (RSS) and Fingerprint algorithms to provide accurate location of thousands of badges in real-time. BluefairyTM Computing Engine computes and provides in real-time the badges and tags positions to the server, through the three location services.


BluefairyTM Server manages the configuration parameters of the physical system, operational data, the processing of business rules and the archiving of positions and events.

BluefairyTM Client, a suite of 5 management software for RTLS applications


Fundamental allows you to inmport your physical world into location-aware applications. It lets you create and associate badges and tags to people and equipment to create virtual zones, to generate business rules and apply them to people and equipment to control events or business processes.


Observer represents the people and equipment as icons or avatars. It displays their positions on the site map in real-time. You can see the positions of people and equipment, see their movements in real-time on maps of each floor of the building and observe their status.


Simple and intuitive, Inspector displays the events generated by business rules such as entering or leaving a logical area, or sensor events, scheduled in Fundamental. Each event is listed with a unique ID in a drop down table for quick reference. It allows management of events / alarms that occur on remote sites from your Smartphone.


Review the movement of people and equipment over a time period in the past to better understand how the events have occurred. Review allows easy audit of past events, thus highlighting processes.


Since all position data and events are stored in the database server, Reporter allows you to build a wide range of reports. You can build instant reports such as last-known location reports, inventory reports and mustering reports, that facilitate the understanding of events for an appropriate decision-making.

BluefairyTM SDK and API

Three .NET SDKs allow the use of location data and events in dedicated applications.

  Positional Data SDK

This API allows the integration of position data in applications outside BluefairyTM. For example, some clients use the Positional Data SDK to transmit position data of badges and tags to Virtual Guide applications that allows museum visitors to receive on an iPod the information on the closest artwork. Other clients use this SDK to integrate information for detecting the presence of workers in production areas to prevent the rearmament of a press or a conveyor. Finally, other clients use this SDK to control security cameras on site in Individual-Centric Control Systems.

  Hardware Level SDK

The hardware API was designed for integration with applications requiring low-level data access, such as toll collection or dedicated sensors applications. Some customers use this SDK in applications for access control on remote sites that do not have communication link to a central validation server.

  Business Intelligence SDK

The BI (Business Intelligence) SDK allows third party systems to exploit fully the events and alarms produced in a location application. For example, airports use alarms detected by the system to steer the cameras automatically to the zone in alarm. In offices, the detachment of a sensor on a secured equipment automatically triggers an alarm. In hospitals, when the number of intravenous pumps on a unit reaches a minimum level, a message informed the head nurse.

BluefairyTM Suite was designed to enable you to build and manage your location applications with ease. Whether an application for managing mobile equipment shared between several units, protecting employees in hazardous work areas or increasing security, the BluefairyTM Suite contains everything you need. Visit the software page to discover these innovative features or ask your sales representative for an online presentation.

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