geolocated emergency assistance call


At work, are you at risk of being attacked?

In psychiatric facilities, 85% of staff experienced physical and psychological assaults by patients every year. These attacks leave serious physical injuries: broken arms and legs, fainting, bites, injuries to the face. Psychological injuries persist years after the assault. The fear of a future attack and the fear generated among colleagues have built continuous stress for personnel.

How many incidents before the accident?

Reduce incidents to prevent accidents. Shouting, placing a phone call or signaling a pager to seek for help during an attack is not easy. During the patient pacification phase in the OMEGA method of ASSTSAS, Purelink products can help personnel to quickly communicate dangerous situations, before an assault occurs.

A badge that gives its location and automatically
announces a Code White

Equipped with a location badge that gives its location, the endangered employee can press the button on their badge to remotely request assistance from colleagues. Automatically, the system announces a Code White over the intercom and mobile phones of colleagues while it continues to update the employee’s location and their status.

Post-Mortem tools to analyze and document interventions

Purelink Anti-Aggression System offers tools to diagnose and audit incidents and attacks. In post-mortem meetings, employees and administrators use these tools to analyze successes and weaknesses of each intervention. These analyses reinforce emergency protocols and help to maintain staff response time. These tools offer a valuable assistance for administrators and staff to efficiently manage legal risk.

Obtain an estimate online for this application for your facility by visiting Build your Application. For more information, contact us.

   My badge gives my position, communicates my situation and announces CODE WHITE on the speakers …and yours?        

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