RTLS Bluefairy Fundamantal



The Business Intelligence SDK provides positional data and information on events generated by the people, equipment and sensors associated with business rules in location-based applications.

This SDK is designed to provide developers with all the tools and level of information they need to build powerful, custom applications to suit the needs of any enterprise. Whether for security, personnel safety or logistics processes optimisation, Purelink’s Business Intelligence SDK provides event data to create custom location-aware applications.

The Business Intelligence SDK allows third party systems to fully exploit the events that occurred in your location-aware applications. As an example, airport customers used the system to automatically direct cameras toward the zones where alarms are triggered. In an office, the removal of an antitheft tag on a piece of equipement automatically triggers a alarm installed on the floor. In a hospital,a message is sent to the head nurse when the number of intravenous pumps on a specific unit reaches a minimum level.

The SDK comes with several source code examples and uses the Microsoft .Net Framework.

With the API/SDK you get access to:

  • Badges and tags identification
  • Battery level of each badge and tag
  • Filtered sensor data
  • Status each badge and tag
  • Location of badges and tags: Coordinates (x, y), zone coordinates
  • Site definition: floor and area maps
  • Time of each measured position
  • 4 types of logical rules
  • 4 types of sensor rules